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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas companies across the globe are looking for the next generation of communication technology for their networks in order to run their business more efficiently, save on operational costs, and become more environmentally friendly.

WiMAX is an ideal solution for these specialized private network deployments and has already been implemented by some of the largest, most innovative companies in the ecosystem. Their needs range from standard surveillance and monitoring and asset tracking to industry specific needs such as real-time seismic data and spill prevention and monitoring. WiMAX technology is an excellent choice for landlocked deployments, and can currently be found connecting oil fields across the world, including the Samotlor hydrocarbon field ( WiMAX also works well in oceanic environments, connecting oil rigs and nearby ships, as it currently does in a major deployment in the Gulf of Mexico.

The WiMAX Forum is dedicated to ensuring the success of a vibrant ecosystem of WiMAX equipment manufacturers, device vendors, system’s integrators and network owners. We as an organization are working to evolve the WiMAX standard to more closely deliver to the specific needs of Oil & Gas companies for their field area networks. To join our effort, please contact membership at, or visit our membership page for more information.

For more information on successful use cases of WiMAX for Oil & Gas field area networking, below is a compilation of the presentations given at the WiMAX Forum Oil & Gas Summit at OilComm: