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Established in 2015 and headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado, Eonti Inc. provides industry-leading cyber security consulting and trust management services to clients worldwide. Eonti is founded on 30 years of experience in a variety of industries such as Cable, Energy/SmartGrid, Communications, Transportation, IoT, Emergency Services, and Aviation, with emphasis in both “ground to ground” and “ground to air” communications; and having a strong familiarity with ATA Spec 42 and ARINC 842. Eonti provides a measured approach to PKI that is secure and affordable for a network of any size, ensuring that a PKI continues to meet and exceed requirements for years to come. Eonti is well versed in all aspects of running successful PKIs and offers services in Trust Infrastructure Management, Cyber Security Consulting, and 360° PKI Assessments of Governance, Technology, and Operations. We assist our clients in making their most challenging PKI and cyber security decisions with confidence, and help them transform uncertainty into possibility and opportunity into lasting results.