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The RCS business group consists of different legal entities operating in a number of African countries. These businesses share the RCS brand, offer similar products and services and subscribe to the same values and principles. Initially concentrating on radio communication, hence the name (Radio Communication Services). Shortly thereafter, the addition of mobile satellite equipment broadened the RCS product offering and to date it remains a focus of RCS to evaluate and add the latest and best performing products and services to the portfolio. Several branches were opened in the East of Congo in 1998, mostly as a result of word of mouth. In 2001 the DRC operations were centralized with the opening of an office in Kinshasa. Meanwhile, more and more South Sudanese clients wanted support closer to home, which resulted in the establishment of RCS-South Sudan in Juba in 2006 from where a diverse client base across the country is served. Through working with professional partners, RCS has since extended its presence beyond Uganda, DRC and South Sudan, widening its presence in Africa and beyond.