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Industry 4.0 Conference 2021

Event Date:

23-Sep-2021 – 24-Sep-2021

MarketsandMarkets Industry 4.0 Conference: Cybersecurity & Industrial Internet of Things 2021

Technological innovation influences mission-critical applications in business processes and the manufacturing and technology companies that take the risk and are early adopters of new technology will be rewarded for their progressive decision-making. Since, digitization helps to ensure product quality and safety, as well as faster service delivery, it ensures to go a long way with customers. This has made the IoT adaptation the need of hour!

We invite you to stay ahead, learn, adapt, and take a quantum leap into the journey of IIoT & IT-OT convergence at this 2 day event with the 3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets INDUSTRY 4.0: CYBERSECURITY & IIOT. All set to explore the top technology trends paving the way for a PdM Revolution along with IoT in Industry 4.0 use cases for manufacturers, factory managers and asset managers on 23rd & 24th September 2021.  

The WiMAX Forum is proud to be a supporting organization!

For more information and registration, please visit: 3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets INDUSTRY 4.0: CYBERSECURITY & IIOT 2021.

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